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Canada Government Public Services

The Federal and Provincial governments are renewing the Public Service for the greater benefit of Canadians and the continued competitiveness of Canada.

They are steadily increasing spending on professional services for departments and agencies.

The Federal government and other levels of government are going through enormous transformation in terms of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Modernizing the public sector in its use of information technology

Cegycan assisted the governments to modernize the public sector Information Technology Online services.

We conducted several projects with governments in Quebec Canada to help these organizations become model users of ICT.

This includes increasing the penetration of technology, greater availability of government services online and on mobile devices, and stronger growth in government investment in ICT to help deliver a better, more efficient user experience.

Our Government Portfolio

Investissement Compétences:

This program is the result of a reflection of the members of the "Commission des partenaires du marché du travail" in collaboration with "Emploi-Québec" to provide a concrete solution to the challenges of training in the workplace and make training accessible and cost-efficient for businesses and workers.

Cegycan consultants developped the process of delivering the Adhesion cerificate to the program. Online forms and supporting database applications were implemented to ensure a comprehensive data flow management.

Ministry of Employment and Social Solidarity:

We developped and implemented an in-house Business Intelligence system, to monitor the overall activities of the departments and support the Commission’s President and the Minister's office decision making, through real time dashboards and reporting systems.

Fonds de développement des compétences de la main-d’œuvre:

The client funds and monitors Government Projects to develop and recognizes labor worker’s skills. The project was to review the current business processes and the supporting technical environments. Our mandate was to propose, develop and implement a Processes Improvements Plan effective and efficient.

Cegycan consultants delivered an enhanced version of the in-house database management system. We also implemented and linked data collecting Web forms and supporting applications.

We conducted large scale online surveys and recommended the application of new workflow processes.